Each JetP costs $20 + Postage

Payments must be in US dollars


JetP Productions is moving to Europe and is closed for a few months

When we begin production again, we will be in Europe - Postage will be more expensive for USA orders, and less for EU orders. Prices will be in Euro.
The Website will be updated before any changes to order/price/postage.

May 9th 2015



Dark Blue       
Light Green       (Black and Beige are currently sold out)      Orange        Brown       Light blue        Dark Green  

How To Order* up to 10 JetPs

(For larger orders, please contact us directly)

1.  Choose your colour(s)

2.  Ad the cost of each single JetP and the cost of your postage*

3.  Pay through paypal:    write your colour choice(s) in the comment box,  the JetP paypal payments address is: 

     All payments must be in US dollars.

4.  You'll receive notification when your JetP is shipped

*By purchasing the JetP™, you agree to the following

Sales Policy:  Due to the nature of the product and questions of hygiene, all sales are final – absolutely no returns on any order single or bulk.

Disclaimer:   There is NO guarantee that the JetP™ will work for you. You are responsible for correct use and care.

*The cost of postage according to number of JetP™s.

National (In the USA)

1-10 JetPs       ad      $3.50 to your order

(for example:   you purchase one brown and one light green JetP. Your total cost will be $43.50)

International (Outside the USA)

1-2 JetPs         ad         $10.00  to your total

3-10 JetPs      ad      $15.00  to your total

(for example: you purchase one dark blue and one orange JetP. Your total cost will be $50.00)