Rinse regularly and wash the JetP™ with soap and warm water to keep it clean.

Like anything that comes in contact with the urethra, keep the JetP™ clean to avoid infection.

The process doesn’t interfere with the body’s natural urination process.  -- to be absolutely certain of this, we researched and took our concerns to medical doctors.

It is hand made of 100% platinum silicone and silicone pigments: nothing toxic, no additives.

The JetP™ is very soft. It cannot cut or chafe the skin.

The JetP™  falls under the category of medical device:

  • In compliance with US law, the JetP™ is registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and is produced, package, and sold in accordance with FDA regulations.
  • As well as CE certified for import and sale in Europe

Due to the nature of the product and questions of hygiene, all sales are final – absolutely no returns on any order single or bulk.