How to use                                                                                                                           

1. Place the “catch” between the labia, surrounding the urethral opening.

2. Gently* hold the catch against the body to create a seal with the skin surrounding the urethra. If the urine flow is strong, you will need to be able to keep a finger at the catch to keep it in place. With gentle flow, the labia alone may hold it.

3. Urinate. While urinating, you can point the device in whichever direction you wish the urine to flow.

4. When finished, gently break the seal by sliding the catch forward and then away from the skin. This will cause the last of the urine to flow quickly out of the end of the JetP. (Removing the entire catch at once would allow the urine to flow back to the body.)

* It's very important that the catch be held gently- pressing hard means there is no space for the urine to enter the tube. In addition, a hard press can bend the edges of the catch away from the body, breaking the seal.


Learn how to use your JetP

First, you’ll need to find your urethral opening (best done over a mirror). This is the very small hole where urine exits the body. It's located between the vaginal opening and the clitoris.

Line the catch up next to the urethra so you can see where you need to place it for use.

Everyone’s anatomy is different. Find the positioning that works best for you, and practice so that it is easy to find the right spot- quickly and without fail- each time you use your JetP.

Next, you’ll need to experiment to get the feel of how to hold the catch. You may wish to hold the catch in place with a finger, or you may be able to simply place the catch between the labia and urinate hands free.

Experiment with different strengths of urine flow.

Most importantly, you’ll need to gain confidence that the whole process works. Otherwise you may be pee shy- psychologically unable to urinate- with this method. Assurance comes with successful practice.

Practice first! The process is very simple-BUT. Please take a moment to learn how to do it, and practice until you are confident that you can urinate leak-free with your JetP every time. We suggest you practice at home, and begin in the shower.