How It Works                                                                                                                                       



The JetP siphons urine away from the body.

This siphon functions like an external catheter (it's not inserted into the urethra)

The catch is temporarily placed over the urethral opening forming a seal between the JetP and your body.

Urine exits through the tube and away from the body.


The soft material of the catch placed gently against the skin allows for a liquid-tight and comfortable seal.

The tube is flexible so that it can be bent and moved to the needed position.

The inner diameter of the tube is wide enough to allow an unobstructed urine flow from the catch and out through the tube,

while being narrow enough to ensure a steady pressure of the flow of urine, forcing it to exit the device away from the body.

The JetP functions regardless of the speed and intensity of the urine stream. Once the proper technique is learned, the

process is leak free- no matter the quantity or pressure of the urine flow.

There is no need to undress to use the JetP. You can urinate through the fly of your pants or side or front of your

underwear. Clothing does not need to be removed or pulled down because urine can flow upwards and then fall down when

leaving the tube.

And- while urinating, you can guide the urine stream in any direction.


Thinking it’s not possible to urinate through such a small space? The concept is really simple. If the area

around the urethra is sealed, the urine can only flow out of the tube.

The JetP creates a seal easily because it’s so soft and small.